Discover Addu – The Southern Splendor of Maldives
Discover Addu


Lying just a few degrees south of the equator, the islands are filled with lush green tropical forests, marshlands, fresh water mangroves. These habitats are home to a various species of seabirds, fish and crustaceans. In addition, there is a huge population of fruit-bats and wild ducks, fowls and cats in the wild.

The symbolic bird of Addu, white-tern, is only found in Addu. The presence of white terns is known to deter small eagles and crows from the islands made the Atoll free from crows completely.

There are many types of indigenous tropical fruits and vegetables which is the basis of the local cuisine in the early days. Plantain, breadfruit, taro, yam, tapioca, cassava, mango, banana, guava, papaya, watermelon are some of the common locally grown produce.