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Discover Addu


From Gary to Lee – 1972

The coach draws up and we sit and stare,
“Look at that one, and look at her,
She don’ t look bad, one lout said,
“Wouldn’t’ t mind getting her to bed.”

“Get out you Gannites, they’ve had enough,
Get out or we are going to get tough,
we are in charge and we are strong,
Don’ t contradict us because you are wrong.

You all just sit there with a drink in your hand,
Trying to find a girl you can land,
But do you blame us, for the females we see
Don’t dwell in a bush or live up a tree?

” They sit in Transit, they don’t really care,
But us animals just sit and bloody stare.
The Gannite drunkards are all about,
If you’ re a female you’re advised to shout.

“I’ve hacked a week and I know best,
Go back to bed and have some rest.
Don’t ask me questions or I’ll walk away,
Come back you soaker another day.

” Now outside the fence the heathens stand
Looking in envy at the Zobbit’s land.
But we will hack it as best we can,
While we are stuck on this island of Gan.