Discover Addu – The Southern Splendor of Maldives
Discover Addu


Addu is famous in the country for its vibrant and unique selection of authentic dishes created using fresh local produce. From the very unique blends of curry pastes to the coconut based sweet delicacies the variety is extensive and very diverse. Most well-known from the cuisine is Addu Havaadhu and Addu Bendi. The food here is influenced by Indian and Asian cuisines and hence the spices like coriander, turmeric, chili and cumin, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper is quite prominent. Fresh produce like taro, breadfruit, papaya, plantain and mangoes are the main ingredients used in savory and sweet dishes. Fish is the main source of protein and fresh locally caught tuna, wahoo, merlin, trevally and various reef fishes are commonly used. In addition, snacks are a big part of the food culture here and a huge variety of sweet and savory snacks are available year-round. Breadfruit chips, taro chips and spicy tuna flavoured chips are favourites among all the locals and visitors alike.

There are numerous restaurants and cafés scattered around Addu City. In addition to local curries, flat bread, rice and side dishes the customers can also enjoy some international cuisines including Indian, Thai and Italian.