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“RALHABIS” Surfing for beginners camp by Raalhu School in Addu Atoll

Maldivian Pro Surfer Kuda Issey and his team of surfing instructors from Raalhu School held surfing lessons for beginner’s camp in Addu Atoll. The 5 day training program was concluded yesterday and a ceremony for presenting the certificates was held. The certificates were presented by Maldives Olympic Committee’s General Secretary Ahmed Marzooq (Marey). Four girls and six boys participated in the camp aged between 12-18. This is the first such Surf training camps held in Addu Atoll. The classes were free and anybody who can swim could join.

“I have always wanted to do something like this, and I am very happy that we finally got to start it here in Addu. We limited the number of participants to 10 since this was our first attempt. This is just the beginning and our aim is to do similar training camps throughout Maldives in all the atolls. Our experience here was very positive; Addu has some excellent breaks for beginners. The students were extremely talented and keen to learn. This experience has further motivated me to carry on teaching surfing for young kids. Maldives is an amazing destination for surfing, and we are surrounded by the beautiful ocean and its surf breaks. We have the potential to exceed in surfing as a sport and represent our country in international competitions. Thousands of tourists from around the world come here every year to surf, and Maldives needs surf guides. Being a good surf guide is a great way for making a living too. The lessons we taught these kids are just the basics, but we will return again. We will leave a couple of surf boards here for the kids to practice. The certificates we presented them are recognized by Maldivian Surfing Association (MSA) and it would help them with the future training. This would not have been possible without the help of Seasports and Volcom, they have always supported me. I would like to thank everybody who helped us make this a success in Addu and a very special thanks to Thollum, who has made us feel very welcome and our stay comfortable” Says Kuda Issey who is passionate about teaching surfing.