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South Palm Resort Maldives ready to open its doors

South Palm Resort Maldives, in Addu is ready to open its doors. The Resort has been developed on the uninhabited island of Ismehela Hera, adjacent to Meedhoo. With a total of 130 villas, divided in to three different categories, this resort will no doubt be a welcoming addition to the tourism industry of Addu. Company CEO Mr.Moosa is extremely confident that this resort will be a popular attraction.

The resort has not only become a light of hope for tourism enthusiasts in the south of Maldives, but also for the youth of the cities and islands that surrounds it. A hope that they could work and earn close to home and also aid in the modernization, development and promotion of Addu. After expansions, the resort now has a majority local workforce of around 150. And it is estimated that when running at full capacity, South Palm Resort will open up a total of almost 700 employees. And the company hopes to keep most of the jobs local, by organizing open days in surrounding islands.

Just like all the different areas in Maldives, Addu is unique in its own way. And for some time, the city has been working to open itself up for more opportunities and endeavors in the tourism sector. And this will be the fourth resort in the area, increasing the capacity and potential even more.

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