Discover Addu – The Southern Splendor of Maldives
Discover Addu

South Palm Resort Maldives reopens.

After closing down  due to Covid-19 restrictions, South Palm Resort Maldives, located in the southernmost Addu atoll opens their doors to tourists again. The resort welcomed their first guests on the 16th of December 2020, and are expecting more in the following days. This comes after the country opened their international borders after months of lockdown.

Developed on Ismehela Heraa, an island near Hulhumeedhoo, South Palm Resort Maldives is a recent addition to the tourism sector of Addu. The resort has a total of 130 villas, that are categorised in to 3 tiers. The CEO of the resort, Mr.Moosa has  stood by his word, maintaining their work staff during these testing times, and reopening the resort as early as possible, allowing staff to get back to work.

Addu, like all locations in Maldives, is unique in its own way, and has a lot to offer to the visitors looking for a memorable holiday.